Scheduler Setup


The scheduler can be seen as an add-on of the FullCalendar control (sharing the same implementation) where it is possible to visualize events linked to a specific resource. To be used, it needs (additionally to the FullCalendar fields):

  • A text field that uniquely identifies the resource, for example, a foreign key and a text field that represents the title of the resource (1);
  • On the Extra Options field must be inserted the views that show resources. The default view rule stated on the previous point is also present in the Scheduler. All the possibilities of views for this field will be described on the 4th point of this document. It is possible to have calendar views and scheduler views in the same control (2);
  • This add-on is a paid extension so a license must be bought to use it on a client. After acquiring such license it must be added to the Configuracoes.xml file like the image below:


For development purposes it is not necessary to have a license.