Use Case

In Class Management System, the teacher wants to see the calendar with the birthdays of all student in a class.

How to create?

  1. Create a list of type Table List in the form of Class where the calendar will be, with the table of Student.
  2. Click on the Special Rendering box, then save and edit the list again.


  1. Click on the tab "Special Rendering" and insert a Calendar.


  1. Insert fields in the calendar:

    • Mapping: Notice that the assinaled variables are mandatory, therefore the table of Student should have these variables.


    • Configuration


  2. In this use case, as we want the calendar to display birthdays, so the start date and the end date will be identical, and the variable extra-events-overlap will be set to true.


For more information you can look at the official documentation of the FullCalendar library at: