June 2023


Tables menu

The new interface for table related data. You can now choose, edit a table and it's fields directly, with few clicks and without needing navigation.
Only the most important information is shown, with the more advanded options avaliable in the support form.

Form Editor

Generation Feedback: Forms

Layout Editor - Import / Export and search of variables

Row click action and definition

Now it is possible for the user, during menu/table list definition, to configure what is the behaviour of a row click. The possible options are:

  • Menu continuation: Clicking on the row takes you to the continuation of the current menu (defined in the menu tree). Only applies to menus, and is the 'default action' that is executed if no option is selected.
  • First Menu button: Executes the action defined by the first MB-type continuation of the current menu. Only applies to menus.
  • First expose table button : Executes the action defined by the first BE-type button on the current table list. Only applies to table lists.
  • Edit support form : Clicking on the row opens the support form in edit mode.
  • View support form : Opens the support form in view mode. In table lists, it is the 'default action' that is executed if no option is selected.
  • No action : Clicking on the row doesn't do anything. If a menu doesn't have a continuation or a table list doesn't have a support form, this becomes the 'default action'.

Row click action definition

New form trigger events

Special renderings: support the generation of groups of variables + Maps: support for multiple external layers

Vue.JS: Tree List: Sorting definition

Added new form trigger types to Genio